Young In The Mountains 1/2 Sol Ring Azurite, 5, 14kG .03ct white diamonds

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The inlaid stone of your choosing is hand cut and shaped to fit perfectly inside this 14K gold bezel. Sterling silver carved "wings" bring movement to this beautiful piece. A .03 ct. natural white CONFLICT FREE diamond set in 14K gold catches the light and any passerby's eye.... This ring features the YITM signature hand carved HELENA band in pure 14K gold. 

All the stones are hand cut, polished and faceted. All the silver and gold work is hand fabricated. 

Sterling silver and 14k gold with a .03 ct. natural white CONFLICT FREE diamond and inlaid Azurite stone. 

Stones will inevitably vary naturally by pattern and color, but will always be hand chosen for their unique attributes and beauty. 

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