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5 Hot Summer Gifts

At DonLo Mercantile, we believe shopping should be enjoyable, easy and make you feel good. Here are our five, perfect summer gift ideas that are sure to make you and your friend feel good.

Summers should be full of kayaking on the closest river or paddle boarding the closest lake, not stressing over what to get your friend with the summer birthday. At DonLo Mercantile, we believe shopping should be enjoyable, easy and make you feel good. Here are our five, perfect summer gift ideas that are sure to make you and your friend feel good.

Face Serum

Long lake days and camp fire evenings are fun but they can leave your skin feeling dry and tired. Face serum is proven to increase moisture in your skin, reduce uneven skin tones, reduce acne and save you money. How does face serum work so well? It has up to 70% active ingredients (normal skincare products have around 10%) meaning face serum actively works to provide your skin with the ingredients it needs to recover its moisture and leave you waking up fresh-faced every day. There are several other reasons to incorporate face serum into your daily routine, but we know if you give the gift of face serum this summer, you’ll get serious friend-of-the-year points.


Our favorite face serum is Agent Nateur Holi Oil Refining Face Serum, which is an all-natural serum that uses organic and non-GMO ingredients. What we love most about this product is the creators searched to find small, trustworthy ingredient sources. Give the gift of face serum this summer, we know they’ll love it.


The Best Summer Candle

Our Skeem Design Citronella Candle has eucalyptus and lime undertones, perfect for enjoying during a warm summer evening. Once you light this candle, the only bugs you’ll see are the ones engraved on the candle. We love the sounds and scents of summer, and we’ve got this candle as one of our top gifts for you to give this season. With it’s citronella properties, this candle doubles as bug protection.


Besides the candle’s bug deterring properties, this candle is  soy-based. Buying soy candles means you are protecting your home and yourself from harmful chemicals, and you can enjoy the fresh scent without the mess of traditional candles. At DonLo Mercantile, we consider the environment with all of our purchases and soy candles are a better candle option because the use of soy cuts back on drilling for petroleum and provides more domestic jobs.


The Perfect Bling With a Ring

Looking for a more subtle gift that she can rock all summer long? We suggest the Silver Peak Ring by Elle Naz. This ring is the perfect size for stacking with other rings (Sarah Swell stackers would make an excellent addition). The best part about this ring is it’s simple, elegant cut that is sure to make a fashion statement with every outfit. One of the reasons we pick high-quality hand made rings is because every ring is unique, plus pressed and created differently. Each handmade jewelry piece you purchase tells a story and helps to support the dreams of a passionate entrepreneur.


The Perfect Water Bottle

The Earth-In Revolve Water Bottle is a great gift for your friend who loves to adventure. his ceramic water bottle is handmade in California from lasting, high-fire American clay. We love that this bottle was designed with sustainable resources. The cap is a durable cork, made from sustainably-harvested Mediterranean cork oak.This bottle is lightweight, and fits in most car cup holders. Because the materials are natural, you don't have to worry about hidden toxic plastics and materials such as BPA.


Summer Greeting Card

Summer reminds us of adventures, sun and smiles. Send your gift with the summer greeting card that says it all. Our favorite summer greeting card is by Holstee. What we love the most about this card is its bright and cheery front and inner blank canvas. This card is hand printed on cotton paper and includes an envelope. With this summer greeting card, all you’ll need to do is add your favorite summer quote, add a stamp and send it off!

Our 5 Summer Gifts are perfect for any friend, family member or loved one on your list this season. If you have something different in mind for your special someone, feel free to give us a call, stop in our shop, or browse our website for more gift ideas!


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