Young In The Mountains Nina Set of 3 Rings, Turquoise, 14kg, 6, .33 ct white diamond

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One set to rule them all. The Nina diamond solitaire ring is kept company by two other rings that can be worn as desired. An Turquoise inlay ring  inspired by the popular RISING SOL style, is modified to fit around a bezel set natural white CONFLICT FREE diamond. Nesting below, a 1mm 14k yellow gold thin ARC ring matches the curve of the bezel set diamond.

** .33 ct. diamond size pictured here.

All three rings feature unique organically placed grooves in the gold bands that are signature to the YITM style. 

14k yellow gold and .33 ct natural white conflict free diamond

Stones will inevitably vary by pattern and color, but will always be hand chosen for their unique attributes and beauty. 

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